Recent Awarded Contracts

D&M Leasing was just awarded a new four-year contract with Sourcewll. We are proud of this partnership and value our trust relationship. Together, we will make the purchasing process effective an efficient with any government, municipality, state or county contracts.

Sourcewell Contract: 030122-CVL
Effective Dates: 4/17/2022 – 4/18/2026

How D&M Can Work For You

It’s a simple premise: To achieve the lowest TCO for your fleet, vehicles should be cycled, or replaced, before they begin to experience high dollar repairs and while they still have significant resale value. This is known as Optimum Replacement Timing and is easily targeted by capturing the maintenance expenses incurred over time and collecting the resale value of vehicles sold through auctions. Once this cycle point is determined (by age and mileage), a lease is structured to pay for only the amount of the vehicle you use, instead of the whole vehicle.

What are the top issues facing Government Fleet?

  • Budget Reduction Mandates
  • Extended Life-Cycles
  • Shrinking Capital Expenditure Budgets
  • Increasing Costs Associated with an Aging Fleet
  • Mandates to Dispose of Underutilized Vehicles
  • Increased Reporting Requirements
  • Pressure to Expand "Green" Initiatives
  • Improve Safety Numbers
  • Lower Fuel Costs