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Government Fleet Service

Helping Government Fleets get the most out of their budget.

Fleet Management Solutions


Due to our size, D&M works directly with the manufacturers to obtain any make/model vehicle at the lowest possible price.


We offer programs and services to manage every detail of operating and managing a vehicle throughout its lifecycle.

Lifecycle Analysis

Total Cost of Ownership is knowing when to acquire, how long to keep and when to replace vehicles in your fleet.


We are your partner and will provide financing best suited to your organization.

Solutions Designed
for Your Organization

We will meet with your stakeholders to gain a full understanding of your organization and transportation needs. Our team of fleet management experts will then design a program that will include suggested efficiencies and areas where savings can be obtained.

Our solutions include: Fleet optimization Lifecycle cost analysis Vehicle acquisition Vehicle delivery License and registration Vehicle maintenance and fuel Insurance Telematics Vehicle disposal

Why Choose to Lease with D&M?

  • D&M has simplified the procurement process and can obtain any make or model vehicle you choose.
  • D&M will customize the funding terms to meet your needs.
  • At the term of the lease, you may purchase the vehicle. You can choose from the following lease terms: 24-60 months.
  • Your fleet is eligible for any applicable government fleet incentives, at the state or manufacturer level .
  • Program offered through Sourcewell Cooperative Contract #030122-CVL

Who We Are

For over 45 years, D&M Leasing has been serving the automotive needs of customers all over the country. Headquarter in Dallas, Texas, D&M began in the consumer leasing business. Today, D&M has grown to become one of the largest consumer leasing companies in the United States while also serving the fleet management needs of commercial and government fleets. Through our parent company, Hernco, D&M Leasing owns a network of franchise dealerships, a financial services company, and other related businesses. The result is the most unique relationship between sales, supply, and funding in the fleet management industry.

D&M serves the needs of government fleets throughout the nation. As fleet management experts, D&M utilizes proven principles and techniques to lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your fleet vehicles. Each contract is uniquely customized to meet the specific needs and goals of your fleet. We have programs and services that can manage every aspect of owning and operating a vehicle from acquisition through disposal. These programs include: maintenance, fuel, flexible funding, risk management, accident management and telematics. This allows our customers to focus on their core business knowing that their fleet is being managed by professionals.

As the cost to purchase new vehicles has soared, government fleets have responded by lengthening the service life of their fleet vehicles. By understanding when it makes financial sense to cycle a vehicle, government fleets can lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and save thousands of dollars per vehicle versus the traditional “buy and hold” model followed today. To find the “Sweet Spot” for a vehicle, the data suggests that a vehicle should be replaced when the operating costs begin to exceed the capital costs. Where those two points intersect on the graph is known as optimum replacement timing.

As the cost of vehicles soar and capital budgets are squeezed, state and local governments are moving from a traditional “buy and hold” mentality to leasing. Leasing allows you to pay for only the portion of the vehicle that you use instead of the entire vehicle. On average, leasing allows governments to get three or four new vehicles compared to the cost of purchasing one vehicle.

By implementing a leasing program, our customers enjoy millions of dollars in savings, replacement cycles cut in half, and a continuously refreshed fleet.

Vehicle Maintenance

Quality and Convenience You Can Depend On.

With D&M’s Maintenance & Repair Management program you can outsource all fleet maintenance administration, save time and control costs. This made-to-order program is designed with your business in mind, offering both preventative and corrective maintenance solutions. It’s a full-service, and fully customizable program based on your company’s specified maintenance parameters – even down to the vehicle level.

Key Features

  • Customer Contact Center available via a toll-free telephone number 24 hours a day, every day, year round
  • Network of national account service providers and independent repair facilities with more than 70,000 US locations
  • Comprehensive quality control program to ensure the highest level of customer service

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective in helping to manage your company vehicles
  • Confidence in repairs and pricing over-seen by trained ASE certified technicians
  • Repair facilities conveniently located near drivers
  • Guaranteeing drivers receive the highest level of service by qualified ASE certified technicians


  • Our experts save clients an average of $51.72 per transaction by negotiating repair costs and avoiding unnecessary repairs.
  • Our team of maintenance experts has been ASE Blue Seal Certified every year since 1998

Partner Testimonials

The City of Des Moines has used D&M Leasing to lease purchase various vehicles under the Sourcewell contract terms and conditions for the last few years.  The use of D&M Leasing has been critical to acquiring all electric (EVs) and their leasing model has resulted in cost parity of EVs when compared to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) sedans. Additionally, lease purchase financing provides the needed flexibility for the City to meet the needs of its operational departments.

Brian B. Bennett M.S.

City of Des Moines
Fleet Manager

D&M has been a great partner for our organization.  They are very responsive and adaptive to our needs.  In the current environment they have been able to provide solutions that have enabled our organization to maintain a high level of customer service and operational integrity.

Victor Castillo, CTCM, CTCD

Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Purchasing Manager

D&M has supported the City of Mission for three years for the lease of city vehicles program. Despite the supply chain constraints, D&M has provided regular communication, provided the latest information about delivery schedules, and has given recommendations on how to best mitigate any issues. D&M is professional, communicates well, and has been a good partner for the City of Mission.

Peter Geddes

City of Mission
Purchasing Director