Association & Manufacturer Partnerships

D&M Leasing Fleet Management was founded with the goal of helping our clients build the most cost-effective and efficient fleets possible. To do this, we work hard to establish long-term automotive and service partnerships. We believe that these partnerships are essential in today’s ever-changing fleet management landscape.

By working closely with our partners, we are able to bring transparency and clarity to the constantly evolving fleet management industry. This helps our clients make informed decisions that will allow them to operate their fleets in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their fleet management goals, and we look forward to continuing to build long-term automotive and service partnerships that will bring the highest value and service to our clients.


The Power of Many Working for You

Save time and money by combining the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Sourcewell holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use.

Sourcewell offers a variety of programs and services beyond cooperative purchasing, including national insurance and employee benefits programs, and Minnesota-based services for education, local governments and nonprofits.

Choice Partners

The Right Resources. Right Now.

Members gain immediate access to legal contracts, vendors and shared services solutions from the purchasing cooperative of Harris County Department of Education.

Choice Partners Cooperative provides:

  • Best value resources and vendors with National Contracts
  • Teaching and training of your staff for JOC procurement and compliance in the state of Texas
  • Quality, legal, competitively bid contracts
  • EDGAR/ Uniform Guidance / 2 CFR 200 compliance with all of our contracts except Best Buy for Business

As providers of procurement services and solutions our members include schools, colleges, and universities, municipalities, counties, other government and non-profit organizations across the United States.

Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200 requirements!


Increase your purchasing power, lower administration costs, and streamline the procurement process

Governmental entities outside of Texas join the National Purchasing Cooperative to access BuyBoard and take advantage of the streamlined purchasing process that complies with procurement laws of each participating state.

School districts, cities, counties, and other governmental entities in Texas participate in the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative and have relied on BuyBoard as a trusted and experienced cooperative purchasing source for years.

The extensive marketplace that BuyBoard offers is made possible by a long list of members representing a purchasing capacity in the billions each year—and participating entities have already met competitive procurement requirements by utilizing BuyBoard.

D&M can lease any make/model vehicle.
Some of our partners include